Our story

Fakaalofa lahi atu and welcome to Niue’s Largest ISP!

After serving Niue with Free WiFi for years, Kaniu is bringing you Native Broadband with improved services so you can enjoy the Internet.

We’re 100% Niuean owned and our team’s number one goal is to ensure that you can be connected at an affordable price. We have our own wireless infrastructure that spans the island and it provides our people the convenient access to the world wide web.

Rocket Systems makes it easier to live, work and have holidays in Niue, a beautiful South Pacific island, known locally as The Rock of Polynesia or simply as The Rock.

Whether you are a visitor, business owner, local family or the Government of Niue, we’re here to help you stay in touch. We’re bringing the world to the Rock and the Rock to the world!

Where to find us

In 2004, we opened our first Internet Cafe at the old Tourism Director’s office which is now part of Harry’s Indian Restaurant. In August 2008, we moved into the former Burns Philp building across the road and hosted the Australian News Media Drop In Centre for one week. We then continued operating there sharing with Stuff IT until we moved mid 2014 into the former Niue Development Bank building at the corner of Utuko, opposite the Police Station. Our base is still at the same place which is now replaced by the Vanilla Shop. To keep up with the digital revolution, we’re totally virtual these daysand work from anywhere including off island as well!

When we’re open

9am-4pm Monday to Friday