Virtual Team

Emani Lui
I’m the Founder and owner of the first ISP on Niue, Kaniu ~ Native Broadband.

Although I studied in New Zealand, most of my wireless, satellite, internet and business knowledge have been gained through DIY including Google Uni. Working under extreme and harsh conditions in an isolated location has fostered the self starter attitude.

I originally worked for the Government of Niue’s Information Systems before setting up my own business in 1999 and never looked back! Our local and global partnerships as well as relationships with satellite providers have enabled us to deliver the most affordable Internet prices in a developing nation!

At the end of 2014, I moved to New Zealand and used the same ISP skills of deliverying satellite broadband to rural and remote places to help start a new ISP. After the business had grown and established itself, I moved out of it and began providing broadband to urban areas focusing on Pacific Communities. As the only Pacific ISP in Aotearoa, our vision of providing quality broadband to our Pasifika People continues, but in a bigger scale.

Jopoy Solano

Fakaalofa lahi atu.

My role is Systems Administrator for Kaniu Native Broadband.

I’m originally from the Philippines and I’m enjoying working here on Niue and also making new friends while learning about the culture and traditions. I started playing golf here and that’s a bonus!

My background in networks and routing has allowed me to contribute effectively towards my current work and I enjoy learning about new tech. If I don’t know it, I’ll figure it out and make it work even if the manual says otherwise!

My dream job is working in flip flops in paradise and it has come true!

Emerson Singapulo

Howdy, I look after all the technical aspects of the operation from installations, repairs to maintenance.

With a background in electronics and engineering, I have found this new role to be challenging and a good experience.

The mechanics of this setup is certainly different to what I have been used to but I have been able to quickly adapt and broaden my range of skills. The best part of it is that I can keep up with the digital evolution as well as contribute to the internet development of the island.

On my spare time I like to tinker with a lot of stuff and one of my recent projects is building my own home using two containers as a base. What started as a single level has now transformed into a two level house. It’s safe to say that I have put down roots on the Rock and very excited about the future of my new home!